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I listened to the Delta State game audio again

2009 Opener – We’re down 31-17 in the 4th at Wingate. We have the ball at the Wingate 2-yard line. Wingate intercepts a pass and takes it 98 yards to the house. All of a sudden a game that could have ended 31-24 is 38-17.

2009 Closer – We’re down 31-17 to VSU at home. We’re in scoring position but rather than go for the end zone Dickey decides to kick a pointless FG for a final score of 31-20. Why not just put it up in the end zone? See Wingate score. He doesn’t have confidence in the product on the field and doesn’t want to risk an INT going all the way back for another 38-17 game.

Fast forward to the 2011 Closer vs DSU – We’re down 35-24 in the 4th to the #1 team in the country. We’re lined up for a FG when DSU commits a penalty. 2011 Dickey says bump this….we’re going for it. Dickey hasn’t forgotten DSU padded the stats the last two years with starters playing til the last play. He also hasn’t forgotten E.T. threw two quick intercepts at Harding that kept them in the game. ET sneaks into the end zone, 35-30. We go for the 2 point and get it. 35-32. We’ve got the ball inside the DSU 10. E.T. scores from the 14 but we’re called for holding. We work our back way from the 20 to 4th & goal with 1:50. Screw you, we’re going for it again. He is not settling for moral victories and not settling for a 5-5 record. Touchdown! We’re up by three and need the PAT, otherwise a DSU FG puts us into overtrime. The PAT hits the upright and goes in. UWG 39-35.

That was some aggressive play calling by a coach who finally believes his 11 are as good if not better than anybody else’s 11.