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Air Cordell comes to Carrollton

Last year’s Tusculum Pioneer offense featured an All-American QB and three All-American receivers. The expectation of everyone was that while TC’s defense couldn’t stop their cheerleaders QB Bo Cordell would throw for a country mile and Tusculum would win in a shootout. The end result was slightly different.

UWG Defensive Coordinator Jody Allen essentially sold out to stop the pass (a wise choice) and while they did throw for over 250 yards Cordell had no touchdown passes and one INT. They did manage to run for two scores, which combined with our ineffective offense was enough to take the win 20-10. Not to make excuses but it was QB Emmanuel Taylor’s first football in over nearly 18 months plus the fact we lost two of our top receivers to hamstring injuries within the first 5 minutes didn’t help matters.

Fast forward to 2012. Bo Cordell is back minus all his top receivers from last year. The Tusculum offensive scheme is largely plug ‘n play. They pass a ton so all their receivers get a lot of touches, almost running backs. They can still move the chains quite a bit, although without the deep threats of last year. The youth in our secondary does worry me a bit with our two deep secondary consisting of 1 senior, two juniors, two sophomores and three Redshirt Freshmen. There is the potential for disaster if those guys get shell shocked early.

I suspect we will try to run the ball to keep it out of Cordell’s hands as much as possible. We should be able to run straight at them, as they are not very big up front. Austin Trainor is much more of a passing threat than Emmanuel Taylor and our run game is arguably even better than 2011. Not taking anything away from Yusuf Holloway and James Kennebrew – a couple of Damn Good Wolves (sorry UGA fans).

I’m having a Dickens of a time putting on a score on this and I try to avoid being a Homer. Regardless, here goes…

West Georgia 34, Tusculum 24

Remember, I predicted 53-0 for the Point game so my logic can’t be too bad.