The Playoff picture

So. The Wolves have done it. They beat Shorter 31-17 to finish the regular season 9-2, the best record since 2001. We find out this evening whether we make the NCAA playoffs.

Senior Seth Hinsley had a monster day, finishing with 196 yards on 34 carries and four touchdowns. It was a quiet 196 yards too. I had no idea he had that many until I saw the stats. I knew he was steadily gaining yards but I was thinking 100-125.

Tuskegeee helped us in the playoff picture by outlasting a determined Albany State 47-41, possibly helped by some questionable referring…at least if you believe the ASU radio team. If West Georgia gets in that would make four teams from the Gulf South Conference for likely the first time ever, even three is pretty rare. It’s been a down year for the SAC though, with only undefeated Lenoir-Rhyne ending with with less than three losses.

Still I can’t help but feel like the committee will be looking for any reason they can find to not include four teams from any one conference. There’s really no way to justify it with the numbers.

First, Albany State finishes 7-3 while West Georgia ends up 9-2. Then you move to common opponents. ASU beat Miles 14-7 while UWG beat them 26-0. The Rams beat Clark Atlanta 34-12 while the Wolves whupped them 42-2.

Albany doesn’t really seem to have any justifiable edge over us by any metric, other than the “No Conference Left Behind” test. Fingers crossed the West Georgia Wolves hear good new this evening at 5PM.

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