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Columbus Lions DB Damian Daniels named SIFL Defensive MVP

Columbus Lions Defensive back Damian Daniels (5’10, 175, West Georgia) won his fourth consecutive league MVP award when the Southern Indoor Football League announced its players and coach of the year.

Damian has had a nice career playing pro ball in several indoor leagues. I can’t recall what years he played at UWG but he was born in 1984 so you can do the math.

Click the image to view the full article  via Columbus Ledger-Inquirer


Odell Willis still representin!

Former UWG defensive standout Odell Willis has been named CFL defensive player of the month. Odell anchored one of the best defenses in UWG history along with Kelvin Morris, John Perkins and Brandon Jamison. We could really use a couple 3-4 year stars like him on both sides of the ball.

I have watched him play a few times on NFL network and ESPN3. He’s a much bigger part of the defense than he was last year. He is currently dubbed “The Mayor of Swaggerville”, since the Bombers are 6-2 so far this year.

The CFL game is odd but it’s still good football. 110 x 55 yard field; 20 yard deep end zone (they look cavernous); 3 downs and you only have to touch a loose ball before it goes out of bounds to gain possession. Since there are only 8 teams it appears they play each team four times per year, twice home and twice away. I would like to see some American teams back in the CFL rather new outdoor leagues forming like the UFL.

Click the photo (or the link underneath) to view the story online via the Winnipeg Free Press. Go Blue Bombers! Go UWG!

Chicago Rush JLB Kelvin Morris earns Spalding Highlights of the Week honors

Former UWG Defensive End Kelvin Morris is playing for the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League. They list Clemson on his bio, which drives me bananas. I even wrote them about it.  He transferred from Clemson to West Georgia along with Brandon Jamison. I believe both were injured at Clemson and didn’t see the field much. Let’s hope they make the correction.


Kelvin Morris on YouTube